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It is a comprehensive distribution business support program for small and medium-sized retailers. It is a program that can be used from general small-scale retailers to a large distribution company with several warehouses scattered all over the country and dozens of agencies.

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Integration with shopping mall management solution

HappyMall is able to manage orders efficiently by collecting and registering orders and stocks in real-time through four-way interworking with HappyMall..

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Pos system

It manages all incoming and outgoing routes of goods and purchasing methods to be easy to see and manage, minimizing loss of purchasing and inventory, detecting various signs of consumers and forecasting future sales direction and management.

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Android development

It enables you to view, register, and modify the data of Happy Mall in real time regardless of the place with smartphone, so that you can increase the efficiency of collaboration and work quickly and accurately.

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Electronic tax bill

Completion of module development to enable electronic tax bill to be sent in real time using HappyMall ..

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HappyMall Customer Service Support Web Service Open
It is a general ledger service for the customers of the customers who use the main program. It is available after consulting our head office.

Why should I use Happy Mall?

Various versions available Internet version, POS version, and local version, you can choose according to user's purpose or method
Ease of use Designed for ease of use even if the user lacks basic knowledge of the computer. Simplify function selection list by store management, order management, management information, etc.
Various business
by industry
Various tasks such as AS management, schedule management, consultation request, sales management, manufacturing management, personnel management, etc.
Ex) Support size registration for apparel companies / Print bill for tax-exempt businesses such as agricultural and marine products / Release version of department stores
Outstanding scalability It can be linked with shopping mall, web order, courier invoice, tax office, SMS, hand terminal, mobile etc.

Specialized Features

Accurate and flexible inventory management Support for operating methods in a diversified environment
Warehouse - Distributed inventory management by store, proper inventory management, support for inventory turnover by product, evaluation criteria for inventory assets
Selection application (final purchase price / total average method / first-in-first-out method / purchase price / issue price / sale price)
Supports management program using one computer, Supports sharing of information using network, Supports remote real-time information sharing, Supports real-time interworking function with shopping mall, Interworks with internet order management with branches, I / O inventory management using hand terminal, Separated business operation function, set issue support, customer, customer DM processing function
Industry-specific support function Interworking function with peripheral system
Support for size and color registration for apparel companies, support for printing invoices for tax-exempt businesses such as agricultural and marine products, version launch for department stores, version for hospital suppliers, discount discount for book distributors, POS version release for dealers, version for pharmaceutical companies .... Warehouse - Distributed inventory management by store, proper inventory management, support for inventory turnover by product, evaluation criteria for inventory assets
Selection application (final purchase price / total average method / first-in-first-out method / purchase price / issue price / sale price)
Barcode system (POS system support) Interworking function with peripheral system
Barcode label issuance function, Barcode scanner, Inventory management and warehouse moving function, POS system support function, Receipt printing support Interlocking with manufacturing management system, interlocking with accounting management system, interlocking with online shopping mall, interlocking with product, interlocking with web order management, allowing dealers and customers to order orders, , Handy Terminal in conjunction with unidirectional I / O, inventory inspection, product inquiry possible, POS system equipment and receipt printer, bar code can be issued to general printers
Sales management support Support of management information
Support for order management / Credit management by customer / Customer systematic support for unit price / Customer credit status check function (all 4 month trial status) - Adjustment when transaction occurs at the same time at purchase / sales at one customer Support for operational information needed by management (Asset / Inventory / Statistical data / Profit / loss) / Support for profit and loss analysis by product and customer
Various output support Interworking function of data
Support of various forms (Supports output of transaction details sheet / tax invoice and quotation / order book, account book, purchase sales statement, various aggregate data on A4 paper only) / Duty-free company bill / Purchase / sales status support by customer Excel data conversion function / VAT reporting function

Introduction effect

HappyMall system enables efficient use of manpower, effective inventory management and fund management .
Systematic management shows stable sales growth

It is easy to manage the unit price by company / customer because it is easy to manage.
It can grasp the status of receipt and inventory in real time.
It is possible to reduce the document creation time by using a transaction specification sheet, a daily schedule, and an electronic tax invoice.
It is possible to control the deposit status through the interlocking of the bank and the virtual account, so that efficient money management is possible.
Invoice number is automatically assigned through the link with the delivery company, and real-time output is possible.


Happy Mall provides customized services that further develop the features you want.
If you want to know more about it,

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